Foundation Crack Repairs

Times are tough, and we understand that every dollar needs to be maximized these days. Whether your foundation is used for storage or your optimizing your square footage with living space, cracked walls can cause serious water and mold issues if not handled properly. With our two-part crack injection system, we can ensure that your basement will stay dry and water free for years to come.


Causes of Cracks

Cracking can be the result of one or a combination of factors, all of which involve some form of restraint. Some examples include:

  • Drying Shrinkage
    This occurs as water used in the mix design evaporates.
  • Thermal Contraction/Expansion
    This is simply due to temperature changes.
  • Subgrade Settlement (or Expansion)
    Resulting from poor soil conditions or changes in soil moisture content.
  • Differential Bearing Capacity
    Harder soils under part of the foundation can cause stress as the building "settles in."
  • Applied Stresses
    Forces such as building load, earth load, hydrostatic pressure, or heavy equipment operated too close
    to the wall.




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